Garage Vent Kit

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Garage Vent Kit
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Keep your shelter cool and dry with ShelterVent,™ the
ultimate ventilation system for your shelter.

Reduce humidity and moisture buildup in your fabric garage or
storage shelter.
High-quality, impact-resistant polyurethane v • ents are fully screened to allow
air in while turning away bugs and debris.
• Easy installation with 2-sided plastic pop rivets for an airtight seal.
• Rip-stop fabric is engineered for vent install without further ripping or
tearing of fabric.
• The perfect quick and affordable ventilation air circulation solution for your
fully enclosed shelter.
ShelterVent™ works great with any fabric covered Instant Garage® or
storage shelter.

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SKU 10031
Weight 4.00 lbs
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Package Includes:
Model #10031
• 2 Screened vents and
attachment hardware.

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