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Carport Kits

Carport Kits

Carports look great, they add value to your home, and they provide your vehicles with protection from the elements. At Carports and More, we sell all types of carports; from prefabricated steel carports, to RV carports, to do-it-yourself carport kits.

Beyond that, we also ensure that all our buyers can secure the right permits and comply with local development standards. To top it all off, we even offer a completely free delivery service, with all required parts are delivered intact and on time.

Customize Your Prefab Carport Kit to Fit Your Every Need

When you order prefabricated steel carports from us, you get do-it-yourself metal shelter kits that are completely customizable, from the color of the roof to the thickness of the steel frame. Our custom kits can be used for a variety of purposes, from providing open and accessible storage space for farm equipment to boat covers during winter.

On top of this, we plan around local design standards to make sure your kits fall in line with any state or county regulations. However, we do encourage all our customers to get in touch with local planning regulators before erecting one of our kits.

Once your carport kit is assembled, you can order add-ons from us. Do keep in mind that some add-on components, such as doors, require the original car ports to meet certain standards.

Read on to find out all the ways you can customize our prefabricated steel carport kits or you can call us now for a quote! We offer free delivery for our carport kits across the US.

Carport Roof Styles

We offer different roof styles designed to withstand all kinds of weather.

When putting together your DIY carport kit, you have three distinct roof styles to choose from: standard horizontal roofs, A-frame horizontal roofs, and A-frame vertical roofs.

The standard horizontal roof style is our most cost-effective solution and practical choice. They don't have the bells and whistles of the horizontal and vertical A-frame roofs, but they're durable enough to protect your vehicles from sun, rain, and snow.

The A-frame horizontal roof kits come at a higher price point than the standard kits, but they are more stylish. Also known as the boxed eave style, the A-frame horizontal style comes with sheet panels running along the sides for added protection.

The A-frame vertical style is the most expensive option, but it does come with added details such as a ridge cap which makes the carport a lot more stable. This particular style is most popular with customers who live in harsh weather conditions and need extra protection for their vehicles.

At the end of the day, all steel carport kits offer great protection from harsh weather and when you shop with us, they’re incredibly easy to set up! All of our prefabricated carport kits can easily be added to any existing residential or commercial site.

Carports to Handle All Weather Conditions

For homeowners who lack enough storage space in their garages, a sturdy metal carport doubles as a steel garage protecting your cars, boats, and RVs from the elements.

There are tons of carport kits out there that are made with alternative materials like tarp fabric or wood, but they're ultimately more susceptible to UV rays, cold weather, and insects which can eventually damage a stored vehicle. Our metal carport kits are fabricated from the most durable materials, offering UV protection in the summer and ample protection from storms and snowfall. Plus, they're less susceptible to becoming a fire hazard!

Call us now for a quote! We offer free delivery for our carport kits across the US.

FAQs About Prefab Carport Kits


What is the average cost to build a carport?

The avg price range for building a typical one-car port ranges from $895 to $1,500, however this can change depending on the width, length, and height required. Environmental factors like wind and snow also affect the price of a carport, since the more durable ones generally tend to be more expensive. A typical two to three carport costs anywhere between $1,200 and $5,000.

On the other hand, carports for much larger vehicles such as boats and RVs can cost somewhere between $2,500 and $10,000.

To check for prices, use our builder tool. Make sure to include the price of delivery and installation when considering your total price range for carports as well.

Do you need a permit to put up a metal carport?

There is no hard and fast rule on this, so we would suggest consulting with your building administration or your local planning department. Typically, permits are not required to install carports or sheds under 120 sq ft. Some areas even allow the setup of structures as large as 200 sq. ft. However, like we said, this all depends on what your building departments require.

If you're looking to hang or attach a steel structure to your home, you may need to secure permits from your local planning department before putting anything up.

At Carports and More, we provide stamped site-specific engineering plans, plus additional copies, so you can easily assemble your documents for approval. Before you insert any type of structure in your home or building, consult with us for documents, permits, and other important requirements.

How much does it cost to put a garage door on a carport?

If you would like to install a garage door on a metal garage, you're going to be looking at an average price of $1000 to $3500. Of course, the price could vary depending on where you live and the size of your ports.

We can usually add a 10x10 roll up door to an existing 14x25 build – which will require us to insert an additional framed end. We usually place the garage doors right in the middle of the added end, so that our customers have enough room for their car doors to open.

We often get asked to place overhead or panel doors, which are on a roller set running within vertical door tracks. For many of these types of requests, we can usually create the frame out and you can hire a company that specializes in garages and garage door installation.

Again, total costs will vary on the size of the garage, the door, and the opener requirements.

Does adding a carport increase home value?

Yes, the addition of a carport can definitely raise the value of a house! Typically, homes with outbuildings like carports or garages on the property are worth a higher price than those without any additional structure. 

However, while having carports, garages, and other similar outbuildings adds to a house's marketability, you need to ensure that you comply with state and local codes. Otherwise, a home with a non-compliant structure might be a magnet for accidents, fines, and additional expenses in the future.

Can I put a carport on my driveway?

Yes! If you don't have a garage, you could place a carport in a driveway to add ample shade and protection for your vehicle. However, before you install any carports on driveways, survey the conditions around your home – especially the elevation of your driveway. Putting a carport on a steep slope can make installation extra difficult, and potentially cost you more money than you originally expected.

If you push through with a sloped carport, you must adhere to two important requirements. First, design the carport for the highest point in the ground, and second, use concrete to hold the posts into the ground. Finally, when working on a delicate project like this, always wear protective gear!

How close can I put a carport to my property line?

This is another thing you should take up with your building administration and/or your local planning department, since they will have the final say in how near or far carports can be erected from your property line. Typically, you will be required to come up with a plot plan showing your property's boundary lines and the spot where you want to install.

You never want to overstep your boundaries and build too close to your neighbor's land. You'll have to find a spot on your parcel of land that doesn't encroach on any of your neighbor's space, privacy, or access to certain areas. Some considerations include leaving space for neighbors to dry their clothes to wear and avoiding closing any access points or pathways.

If you're adamant on putting your carport closer to your neighbor's property than what you've been advised, it's best to consult with your neighbors and gain their permission to erect a structure. If both the planning department and your neighbors deny your request, consider it a closed-case and move on.

Are carports legal?

A carport in itself is not illegal, but choosing not to follow legal guidelines may cost you a hefty price in legal fees.

The law may differ depending on where you live, the size of your port, and what loads are needed for your area – especially if you live in a place that sees a lot of snowfall and harsh winds. Make sure everything checks out legally before purchasing anything.

Can you put a garage door on a carport?

Unlike carports, garages have four walls and a door to keep the elements, animals, and unwelcome guests away from your vehicles. If you're worried about any external threats or simply value your privacy, you can definitely install garage doors on your carports. It should also be noted that adding sidings and a door turns regular carports into multi-use utility carports, which can be used for anything from storing vehicles to keeping tools, equipment, and construction materials.

If you would like to add doors to your carport/metal garages, it’s best to initially design your kits into garages. This means framing them by putting extra sheet metal or wood sidings along all four sides. Once the sidings are placed, all we have to do is add frame-outs for one or two doors. If you want a specific door from another company, we can just lay out our design to make room for it in the finished product.

Can I build a carport at the front of my house?

Building carports in front of houses makes them easier to look after, especially if safety is an issue in your area. Another good reason to build a carport in the front of your house is that it could double as a porch for friends and family to hang out.

If you choose to build a carport on the front part of your property, we recommend contacting your local planning department and making sure you're following standard protocol before any installation takes place.

What type of surface do I need for my carport kit?

We can securely attach your prefabricated metal shelter kit to any stable surface, as long as it’s flat! Concrete and asphalt slabs are the best surfaces, but you can anchor carport directly into the ground as well.

What size metal carport kit do you recommend purchasing for two vehicles?

Our recommendation is to go for the 20-foot wide steel carport. These are really great for families with one or two cars. They offer a lot of room (compared to the more popular 18-foot version), giving you a ton of space to open both car doors and slide in and out of your vehicles.

20-foot wide steel carports are the more expensive option, and they take up a lot of room. But if you have the money and the space, we believe it's the best option.

What factors should I consider if I’d like to add side panels, walk-in doors, sliding doors or windows onto my prefabricated carport kit down the road? 

Aside from the added price, the extra time it would take to get the work done, and the possible need for construction permits, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind. For one, if you plan on enclosing a carport and adding walk-in or roll-up doors, the leg height must be 6' or taller.


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