Guide to Purchasing Carports for Sale in Kentucky

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At Carports and More, we deliver a wide variety of carports in Kentucky options, and we install anywhere in KY at zero cost. Some of our metal carport designs are simply a roof on posts, while others are fully or partially enclosed. Be sure to enquire about the assembly time and the number of helpers required when you purchase carport kits, as this can significantly increase the overall cost of your carport.

You must know what constitutes a good utility carport in Kentucky so you can protect your mobile investment. You also need to know the size your steel carport needs to be to adequately shield your car, RV, boat or truck. We can make any size car port, up to 100 feet wide clear span (call us if you need it wider), and we can make any length possible. We offer both 12-gauge and 14-gauge car, boat and RV carports.

Carports for Kentucky residents and businesses

We are the nationís largest independent dealer, and we also have an ďAĒ rating with the Better Business Bureau. A metal carport in Kentucky from CPM is the perfect way to protect your vehicle from the heat of the sun, rain and snow. We also offer a portable car port in Kentucky that you can take with you on camping trips etc. In addition, we have aluminum car ports, which offer even greater aesthetic value than the steel options.

Contrary to popular opinion, carport garages in Kentucky arenít only for people who canít afford a regular brick and mortar garage. Our metal carports in Kentucky suit many peopleís needs because of their light weight and versatility. Another versatile option are carport kits, which can be installed and dismantled relatively easily. Because of the flexibility of our options, we have thousands of satisfied customers every year.

Our carports for sale will make an attractive shelter for your vehicle, helping to keep it covered from the elements. On days when itís pouring with rain, utility carports help to keep you drier as you get in and out and load or unload your car. They also provide shade, so your car wonít feel like an oven on hot days.