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Metal Garages

Metal garages are a neat, convenient way to hold gear and motor vehicles for any type of work, especially if you possess more tools than you have space for. There are many types of metal garages to select from, depending on your requirements. For example, detached carports are great for mild climates, but if you live in a place with harsh weather, or you need to store tools and similar gear, a closed prefab metal building is a better idea. Are you asking these three important questions as you search for a parking steel storage solution?

Metal Garages: 4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

1. Are you getting the best metal garage for your money? If you're looking for a place to protect your car, boat or RV from the elements, metal garages might be your best choice. They are cheaper than having one built from scratch, and since they're prefabricated, they're very easy to install. We at Carports And More will even install yours at no additional cost, anywhere in the United States.

2. Are you looking at the right size steel garage for your needs? Metal garages can be used for storing snow shovels, hay, tractors, bikes, outdoor toys, the possibilities are infinite. Of course, you shouldn't go with our 12 wide option if you know you're storing your car and your RV, because there won;t be enough space. In the same way, if you dont have much yard space, it wouldnt make any sense buying a large metal garage.

3. Is your metal garage practical? When you shop at Carports And More you can save on insurance, since the fire rating for the steel in these kits is very high. You can also create extra cost savings just by adding a mere two or three inches of insulation.

4. Is your garage portable? Many people buy metal garages or kits because of price, and to move them easily from one location to another. All youre required to do to take them apart is take out the bolts and screws and remove the sides and the roof. Before you shop for metal garages, check the building codes for your area to ensure yours will be up to code.